Which VR headsets is the Conquest Pro compatible with?

Does Conquest Pro work with 3rd party straps for Meta Quest 2?

Which Quest 2 straps will the Conquest Pro work with?

Will the Conquest Pro fit in my Oculus Quest 2 carry case?


Why are Conquest headphones so comfortable?

What makes the Conquest sound profile unique?

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Why are the Conquest headphones considered premium quality?

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How do I adjust the volume level?

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What does on-ear design mean?

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Set Up

How difficult is it to install the headphones on my VR headset?

Will the Conquest headphones fit different head and ear shapes?

Do I need to re-install the Conquest headphones every time I want to use VR?

Do I need to remove the Conquest headphones before removing my VR headset?

Can I uninstall my Conquest headphones if I need to travel with my VR hardware?

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How to fix low volume?


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What's the best way to clean the headphones?

Can I use the Conquest for non-VR audio listening?

Shipping & Returns

Can I return the Conquest headphones if they don’t work for me?

When will I receive my Conquest Pro headphones?

Do you have different versions of the headphones?

When will the headphones start shipping?

How do I return my conquest headphones?

Do I need an RMA to return Conquest Headphones?

How long will it take to get my money back if I return my headphones?

Is it possible to request expedited delivery?

Do you ship internationally?

Can you ship to a PO box?


Is Conquest a good solution for training and business use cases?

How can Conquest enhance training and other business use cases?

How can I learn about business applications for Conquest Headphones?

Do you accept purchase orders?

Do you plan to sell through VARs and systems integrators?


Why did you create Conquest headphones?

Where are Conquest heapdhones designed and manufactured?

What is immersive audio?

What is the frequency response of headphones?

What is the warranty period?

Can I get replacement parts for my Headphones?

How does the risk free guarantee work?

Do you provide a discount for bulk purchases?

How do I get my headphones repaired during the warranty period?

What does the standard warranty cover

My headphones are out of warranty, can I get them repaired?