Truly Immersive Audio

VR has the power to create a magical sense of presence. Presence is that amazing feeling of being transported to a totally different place and time. But to experience presence, several things are required. One key component is spatialized audio. Audio that is undisturbed by external sound and audio that perfectly captures the 3D environment of the virtual world.

Conquest Pro Headphones have been designed from scratch to capture all of the nuances of 3D spatial audio. From foot steps to creaking doors to rumbling thunder in the distance, you will be able to hear it all like never before.

The built-in Audio Adapt capability of our custom driver means that you can enjoy long-play VR in total comfort. All the immersive highs and lows delivered without having an earcup pressing hard on your ear. The Conquest Pro driver dynamically adjusts to the acoustic load. So, even without a tight seal between the earcup and ear, you will enjoy great sound.

Conquest Pro Headphones are also Hi-Res certified by the Japan Audio Society.  Hi-Res certification means that our headphones can perfectly deliver Hi-Res audio tracks in a wide range of frequencies between 20hz and 40Khz. 

Hi-Res Audio certification is managed by the Japan Audio Society. It is defined by a set of stringent specifications relating to the processes of audio recording, reproduction, and signal transition.

Along with Conquest Pro, several premium headphones have Hi-Res certification. Including the M-200 by V-Moda, the UE 18+ PRO from Ultimate Ears and in the VR space, VIVE Focus 3’s DAC and the VIVE Focus Pro 2.



Hi-Res Audio