Effortless Upgrade

In minutes, go from ordinary sound to total audio immersion

Easy On / Off

No more fumbling with cables, headphones and earbuds. Conquest slips on and off real easy.

VR Headphones

Amazing 3D Sound

Our Hi-Res Audio certified headphones deliver immersive spatial audio so you can experience the deepest lows and brightest highs

Distraction Free Privacy

Enjoy distraction-free, private and immersive VR experiences thanks to our sound leak prevention and passive noise cancellation

No More Ear Pain

A custom audio driver and unique mechanical design deliver great sound without ear compression, allowing for long-play VR sessions without any discomfort to the ears

Moves to the Beat

Conquest Pro integrates tightly to move with you so you can duck, dance and wave in 6 degrees of freedom!

A perfect fit for every ear

6 DOF meets 5 degrees of comfort!
Five adjustments to ensure a great fit for every head and every ear.

Conquest VR

Broad Compatibility

The Conquest Pro has been tested with various VR headsets and head straps


Print a custom logo disc to make your Conquest Pro unique!

Travels in Class

Safely carry your Conquest VR Headphones in this custom carrying case.


Conquest Pro headphones take VR one step further by delivering truly immersive sound without compromise. The audio surrounds the user and transports them to a different world.

- Jan Goetgeluk

Founder and CEO

Virtuix (developer of the Omni treadmill)

Simply the best in 3D audio

- @Martin76x

VR Game Reviewer

Wow! Holy crap it sounds good! It's almost too loud. The sounds is amazing, VR doesn’t sound like that on other headphones. It’s a totally different experience playing games with this type of headphones. Very immersive, it's helping a lot, jumping into this kind of a game (Moss Book 2) where you want to zone out the outside world and just focus.

- Todd Jackson

Q2C VR Gamer

Wow! The level of immersion jumped up beautifully with these on. Coming from a background working on large scale VR simulations where immersion is key, I picked up on this being game changing. It's just that real. Love it!

- Shaun Sheppard

XR Expert & Interactive Technology Leader

The Conquest Pro cans are quite fabulous. I compared the bass quality of Conquest Pro against the Sennheiser HD650 reference cans and the Apple Airpods Max. The Conquest almost reaches HD650 quality, the difference is tiny. Yes the HD650 has a higher resolution bass but the Conquest is very similar. The Airpods Max however cannot resolve bass as nicely; you can clearly hear it in the test songs.

- Peter Balogh

Audiophile and VR enthusiast 

Audio is conveniently present out of the box on the Quest 2, but the Conquest VR addition truly provides another level of immersion, adding true spatial audio into the equation.  Infinitely adjustable and comfortable to boot, these are a great addition to your VR experience.  

- Reginald Bates

XR / Metaverse Professional


Conquest headphones deliver two great benefits, Privacy, and Immersion. With training Increasingly in VR, Conquest dramatically increases presence, contributes to the directionality of sounds, and recreating situational awareness that increases learning effectiveness.

- Jon Jaehnig

Emerging Technology Journalist

AR Post


Tech Specs

  • Speaker 40 mm dynamic driver

  • Frequency response 20 - 40,000 Hz

  • Impedance 32Ω

  • On-ear design

  • Custom 3.5mm cable

  • No battery or charging required

What’s in the Box

  • Conquest VR Headphones

  • 3.5mm audio cable

  • 5 sets of logo discs

  • Carrying case

Risk Free

Test Drive the Conquest Pro Headphones at no risk. You have 30 days to return them for your money back. (conditions apply)

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